- Special Programs -

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Pelvic WelLNess Senior Group Classes

A small class of adults with similar diagnoses designed to educate about pelvic health, bladder/bowel retraining, body mechanics, breathing techniques, and decreasing risk for injury. Learn together and gain the social support of understanding that you’re not alone in what you might be experiencing!

  • Hour long class

  • 2-5 participants per class

  • Grouped by diagnosis

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Girls Night Party

Grab a few of your closest friends for some drinks, snacks, and belly laughs to learn about ALL things pelvic health in a FUN laid back atmosphere!

  • Limit of 10 ladies/per party

  • 1 hour (or more - up to your party!)

  • Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks of choice! We’ll provide some too!

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Sports Performance

Work with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified Personal Trainer for an individualized program to assess and train the sensory system, biomechanics, motor coordination, power, and agility. Enhance your sport performance while decreasing risk for future injury!

  • 1 on 1 sessions

  • Customized program

  • Hour long sessions