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K. L.

Amanda is definitely Heaven sent! After seven surgeries and dealing the best way I knew how with polycystic ovarian syndrome, I had basically exhausted all of the traditional options for dealing with pain. Sadly, I was content with living a life of discomfort and taking pain medicine every day. After 6 sessions of therapy, I am almost completely off of pain medication and experiencing minimal discomfort throughout the day!

L. S. 

"After the birth of my 1st child, a cystocele left me feeling scared and in the dark - nobody told me this could happen, and nobody talked about it. Dr. Biehl empowered me with knowledge so that I could understand what was going on with my body, the tools I needed to recover, and what recovery I could expect. Sometimes your body doesn't fully recover on its own after you give birth. Dr. Biehl can help, don't suffer or change your life in silence and fear. She is very passionate about what she does, and can help you reach your goals.

T. W. 

It is difficult to put into words what a blessing ReForm Physical Therapy, and Amanda Biehl, was for me. I am a 63-year-old male who presented with pelvic pain. Most men are afraid to seek help with pelvic pain, After being bounced around from Doctor to Doctor, and specialty to specialty.. with no results.. I was desperate for a solution. Amanda was quick to put me at ease, and provide me with encouragement. She took a very systematic approach with developing a plan tailored to my issue. I can say I am progressing quite well. Again thank you.

R. R. 

I was diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer and elected to have a radical prostatectomy. One of the early side effects is urinary incontinence and I was going through 4 to 6 pads a day. Although I had been doing Kegel exercises before and after the surgery, I was really getting frustrated by my lack of progress. So I was referred to Reform Physical Therapy and Amanda. She was so quick to put me at ease and start a systematic approach to targeted pelvic floor exercises and record keeping on my part to help identify and overcome my incontinence. I am happy to report that I am now pad free. Thank you Amanda for your expertise and professionalism. R.R.

S. B. 

I cannot say enough about my experience at ReForm. After years of painful sex I thought that was just going to be part of life. My husband and I had tried lots of different things and nothing seemed to work. I finally spoke up during my annual doctors visit and was referred to ReForm. After only a few sessions I could tell a dramatic difference in pain level and after a few months the pain is completely gone. Amanda did a great job helping diagnose the issue causing the pain and helping fix the problem with easy changes and exercises I could do at home. 

I was apprehensive about going because I knew it could be an awkward and personal experience but Amanda does a great job of putting you at ease so you can work together. I wish I had known pelvic floor physical therapy was an option for me sooner. I knew it was common for bladder issues but didn't think about it as a solution for painful sex.

H. T. 

After having children and a hysterectomy, I thought my struggle with pelvic floor strength was just an unavoidable part of life. I really didn't know I had options that would allow me to live normally, free of the constant anxiety of needing a restroom. I was at a point at which going out anywhere meant first finding out if I could easily get to a restroom and if I couldn't, it just meant not eating or drinking anything. That changed after my consultations with physical therapist Dr. Amanda Biehl. She was able to explain in terms that made sense how my floor muscles work and with some exercises.. which I thought I knew how to do but didn't... I am able to enjoy shopping trips, after dinner walks, car trips, airplane trips and all the other things I avoided due to urgency anxiety. The education she provided was key, but what really makes her therapy work is the absolute confidence she gave me that I could improve my muscle strength and live a normal life. If you are struggling too and think that your issues are just part of aging, please call her. A few minutes just talking with her will change your mind. Thank you Dr. Biehl!

C. F. 

"When I was pregnant, I suffered excruciating lower back pain. It was difficult to move, bend, and even breathing hurt. After an MRI, I was diagnosed with significant spinal stenosis, degenerative disk disease, and herniated disks. Due to my pregnancy, surgery was off the table. My doctor referred me to Dr. Amanda Biehl for physical therapy. She helped me with a combination of exercises, stretches, massage, and educated me on spinal health. Amanda was very encouraging, celebrated milestones, and genuinely cared about my comfort and wellbeing. I walked out of each session feeling healthier, stronger, and my pain was rapidly decreasing. After graduating from physical therapy, my orthopedist ordered another MRI. He was absolutely amazed at the progress Amanda helped me achieve. He said he’d never seen such an improvement in his 20 years of work. I no longer needed spinal surgery, and I have Amanda to thank for that!"

T. S. 

I think that the word that best describes ReForm Physical Therapy and Amanda Biehl is "empowerment." Amanda seeks to empower people to conquer their challenges with confidence. Her goal is to educate, encourage, and work with her patients so that eventually they may continue their journey toward health without her. Amanda also has very perceptive discernment to know when to push and when to wait until a patient is ready to move to another challenge. I lacked confidence when I began at ReForm Physical Therapy, and Amanda has helped me to overcome my physical and mental challenges (like negative thinking) with sensitivity and insight. Perhaps the best lesson I have learned from Amanda and ReForm Physical Therapy is: "I can and I will."

J. M.

I had excellent care prior to and post pregnancy with my OBGYN concerning my pregnancy and care post c-section x2 babies. It's the after that you fall off the radar. For a long time Cenla has been missing a medical professional to address those after pregnancy issues that don't fall in the scope of our physicians. So many post pregnancy issues get chalked up to "well that's just how life is after a baby". Well no it's not! I had chronic back pain after both of my pregnancies, I missed work over it, it impacted my ability to exercise and participate in dance, it impacted my ability to play with my children. I had intermittent flare ups and really felt "this is the new me". I tried addressing it on my own and I went to a chiropractor with some result but nothing lasting. My friend and physical therapist Amanda Hromadka Biehl who specializes in women's health helped me get lasting results. If you are tired of hearing "that's how is it is after a baby" go check out Reform Physical Therapy and Amanda Hromadka Biehl, DPT, CLT.

C. M.

After the birth of my third child, I began to experience increasing amounts of stress urinary incontinence. As the baby grew and gained weight, even lifting and carrying him around caused leakage. My older children would ask me to run around and play with them, and I found myself having to tell them “no” more and more. I resigned myself to my new normal until my OB/GYN referred me to Reform PT. After just several weeks I noticed a big difference. Last weekend I took my children to a play museum. I spent the entire time running around with them, climbing, jumping, and lifting my now chunky 1-year old. I never once had to tell them, “no.” I feel like now I can just enjoy being a mom, and my new normal includes having whatever adventures I want!

M. B. 

Five years ago I knew next to nothing about my pelvic floor. It wasn't until I was about 3 months postpartum, peeing way too often and experiencing leakage in addition to some lower back pain that I began to delve into what was going on with my body. I wish Amanda had been serving our area at the time, [...] but even 4 years after my son was born via c-section, I was still having some minor but nagging issues. Luckily my friend told me of a new physical therapist in town who specializes in women’s issues. Although I wasn't having any major symptoms, I gave her a visit and am so glad I did. As determined by an internal exam, I was actually performing kegels inefficiently and recruiting accessory muscles to do the job. I doubt I would have figured this out on my own.  Amanda is obviously passionate about helping women, and any woman who is pregnant or has ever had a child (postpartum is forever!), could certainly benefit from making sure that everything down there is in working order. Just because your annoying leakage or pelvic pain is common or minor, doesn't mean it's normal, and you deserve to receive the help Amanda can provide to make it right again. 

L. M.

I would love to tell anyone dealing with chronic pain, in ANY area of the body, to consider this form of PT. Dr. Amanda is a wonderful listener and puzzle solver. I love that she takes a full body approach, and I feel more empowered at self-care, with results!

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