Our goal is to empower you to gain back ownership of your body, health, performance, and overall quality of life! We promise to listen and work together with you to achieve your individualized goals with Physical Therapy, Private Personal Training, and Nutrition!

We are proud to provide an integrative approach to wellness & performance for the Louisiana communities of Alexandria, Pineville, and surrounding areas!


Highly specialized Physical Therapy services are offered for movement dysfunction, post-operative rehab, safe return to activity, sports performance, preventative care, and joint pain for ALL ages! A whole body approach is utilized to get to the root of the problem with hands on, one on one, hour long, personalized appointments with direct care provided solely by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We can help if you’ve been struggling with back pain, frequent headaches, TMJ, shoulder pain, migraines, back pain, stiffness, knee pain, loss of balance, frequent falls, ankle pain, weakness, fatigue, or any other general aches and pains!

ReForm’s Pelvic Rehabilitation Program is available under the direction of Doctor of Physical Therapy, Amanda Biehl, for common issues such as: urine/fecal leakage, trouble emptying your bladder, pelvic pain, trouble controlling urgency, frequent urination, diastasis recti, prenatal and postpartum conditions, constipation, scar conditions, prolapse, painful intercourse, and post-operative needs! Many of these conditions are very common, but that does NOT mean that they have to happen!

ReForm’s Sport Performance Therapy Program includes individualized and sport specific assessments performed by Doctor of Physical Therapy, Jeremiah Biehl. Identify your areas of weakness, risk for injury, and determine a plan to help you improve as an athlete.

Private Personal Training sessions are offered at our Texas Avenue location with a truly customized approach in a boutique fitness setting. Trainers, Tyler Begor, BS, CPT, and Karsen Kreps, BS, CPT, work individually with their clients, with no distractions, no crowd, no waiting, and undivided attention! Your Personal Trainer will help you find the right plan to achieve all of your goals, whether it’s weight loss, strengthening, mobility, endurance, or sports performance!

ReForm also offers Nutrition Counseling with Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Kendra LaFountain, RDN, LDN. Clients work individually with Kendra to define healthy and realistic goals, weight loss strategies, and even meal planning!

You can expect to receive exceptional care from our staff in a nurturing, empowering, and understanding environment. 

If you’ve been putting off exercising, frustrated with lack of progress, complaining about daily aches and pains, maybe even experiencing leakage…

It’s time to take back control of your health… ReForm it!


Physical Therapy: Discovery Session

If you aren't quite sure that ReForm Physical Therapy is the place for you, you are invited to send us an email (info@reformptla.com) or click the button to schedule a time to speak directly to one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy. We will be happy to discuss your situation, answer any questions you may have about our services/clinic, and see if ReForm Physical Therapy is a good fit for you! Please keep in mind that this "Discovery Session" is not in replacement of an Initial Evaluation, and we can not provide medical treatment/recommendations without first performing a thorough evaluation. 


Private Personal Training: FRee initiAL CONSULT

Your initial consult for Private Personal Training is completely free with no commitment! Call today or click the button to schedule a time that works best for you to check out the facility, meet your trainer, and work together to figure out a plan to achieve your goals!